2015-01-14 23:33:13 by MikeSalyh

I honestly can't express how honored I am to get a shoutout on the front page! When I joined in 2014, I had no idea what to expect. Answer: the most supportive, vocal, and all around man-whore-loving community on the net. Thanks to everyone's feedback, I've improved as a designer, artist, and storyteller. Plus, I even got to meet Tom at Animation Breakdown. How cool is that?

I recently started working full-time at a game studio, and that's why I've been absent lately. But I'm still brewing up Flash games in my free time. If all goes well, I should be announcing some cool (and ambitious) games this February! 

Cheers and Happy 2015,

-Mike Salyh

PS. I have a blog that I never update. If you want to be constantly dissapointed by lack of content, be sure to follow me at!